Tools for parents and educators to diversify children and young adults' reading habits​

Welcome to Kids Lit Zines, a zine series highlighting excellent books for children and young adult readers, as well as providing additional resources for parents and educators. All books recommended in Kids Lit Zines are from nonwhite authors and/or illustrators in order to help librarians and parents make more diverse choices when selecting books for children. Reading books that represent diverse cultures increases empathy in children, so it’s important to give kids access to books that teach about a wide range of cultures, not just their own. Kids Lit Zines is a tool for raising kids who are empathetic, culturally aware, and socially active.

To check out my zines, head to the “Zines” page. Each zine contains links to check out e-books from Los Angeles Public Library as well as other useful links. If you’d like to follow the links, please download the PDF file from the FlipBook reader. To print and assemble one of my zines or learn how to make your own, head to the “Make Your Own” page. To learn more about Kids Lit Zines, head to the “About” page. Enjoy!